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Indiana Code (Surveyor-Related)

The following links will take you directly to the State of Indiana's website, to the section of the relevant Indiana Code.

General Duties - IC 36-2-12, IC 36-2-16-5

Records - IC 36-2-17-5

Plan Commission - IC 36-7-4-208

Drainage Code:  IC 36-9-27

Natural Streams/Private Drainage Obstruction:  IC 36-9-27.4

County Surveyor's Corner Perpetuation Fund:  IC 36-2-7-10, IC 36-2-19

Filter Strips:  IC 6-1.1-6.7

Plat Mapping:  IC 6-1.1-5-1

Beer Retailers Permits:  IC 7.1-3-4-3

Department of Stormwater Management:  IC 8-1.5-5-4.5

Filing of Surveys:  IC 36-2-19

Annexation/Disannexation:  IC 36-4-3-19, IC 36-4-3-22

Purdue Road School:  IC 36-9-8

County Road Map:  IC 8-17-8-2